Friday, December 31, 2010

day three hundred sixty.


and so ends the year 2010, and with it, the blog edition of dance friday.
i'm saving my best of post for next week, as this site considers my birthday to be the beginning and the end of everything (on the internet).

a happy new year to you all.

day three hundred fifty-nine(-ish).

an early birthday night out at the rather grand powell hall.


chaplin was a dream.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

day three hundred fifty-eight(-ish).

 early morning frostiness on the car

colored windows at the stl amtrak station

i finished reading the graphic memoir stitches, by david small, while i was on the train.
the 300 some pages left me wanting more, but in the good way.

my seatmate was a girl about my age.
she read decision points.
to each her own.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

day three hundred fifty-seven.

i got a new driver's license today.
it has holograms and expires on my 30th birthday.

holidays, you've done pretty well for yourself.
heading out before the sun rises tomorrow morning.
but i like trains and watching crowds of people and hearing them talk about serious topics in public, and sometimes saying them to me, because a stranger will tell you all sorts of things when your elbows are nearly touching for 5 hours at 100 mph.

Monday, December 27, 2010

day three hundred fifty-six.

last night was cousin game night.
we played a 13 person version of the game of "things..."
in this game, one is given a question (like, "things you could get sent to the principal's office for," or "things you never remember," and so on) and writes their response anonymously on a slip of paper. the object is to match the responses with the correct person.
i played this for the first time on my birthday this year (or, as we call it here, day one.)

feel free to guess the questions associated with these:

 cousin erik thanks you for your time

Sunday, December 26, 2010

day three hundred fifty-five.

christmas day in the suburbs

my sister katie got some glassware that came with chalk to write one's name on the side.
the same idea as those scratch off solo cups.
a few had been toyed with at the store.

"it says balls on your face."


 i let cousin patrick label my cup.

we did an ornament exchange with all the relatives.
this is my new friend.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

food coma.

day three hundred fifty-four.

 xmas eve at my sister's

 the tv was on fire.

 the table was sparkly.

my contribution to the table:
red quinoa, portabella mushrooms, and kale, cooked with olive oil, garlic and trader joe's spicy red pepper spread. a christmas miracle.

my dad made me vegan banana bread!
this will not last long.

Friday, December 24, 2010

day three hundred fifty-three.


happy dance xmas.
love, jc
(and buster)

day three hundred fifty-two(-ish).


suburban shenanigans.

i finally finished food/gift shopping with my mom for the holiday and had lunch at green basil.
at casa earlywacz in the evening, we all gave letter grades to our year, as per new year's tradition (though i may need to chart out each month more precisely. or not.).

the holidays seem to have sneaked up quickly this year, but that is something people always say.
unless you are 8 years old and really waiting to see if you got aladdin on vhs.
then time just stops altogether.

day three hundred fifty-one(-ish).

let's pretend it's wednesday, the end of my root beer vacation:

trains, trains, and automobiles.

a very long travel day, highlighted by carbohydrates and the kindness of weary passengers.
at the end, my sister made me dinner and i indulged in 10 straight hours of sleep.

day three hundred fifty(-ish).

let's pretend it's tuesday:

friend katie took me to the st. louis galleria, for sparkly fun librarian times.
santa was there and i think he had a cold.

then we ate thai lunch:

and hung out with a trolley car:

 then it felt a little like (luda)christmas:

Monday, December 20, 2010

day three hundred forty-nine.

the last assignment for the semester has been turned in, the december bills paid, the train ticket home purchased.
i feel good today, like the year is ending with some light.

day three hundred forty-eight(-ish).

sunday at soulard market
a lot of the stands were closed, but there was plenty of good produce for jj

and shiny candy!

day three hundred forty-seven(-ish).

we will miss you, bailey dog.

i still remember the day we got him: my sister katie held him in the backseat, tucked partially into her coat to keep warm.
it was pouring in december and the roof of our car was leaking all over me on the passenger side.
i was cold and wet and couldn't have been happier.

Friday, December 17, 2010

day three hundred forty-six.


dance friday.
dance breakday.
dance iturnedinmypaperandamgoingtosmileallday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

day three hundred forty-five.

editing/shaping one paper while trying to construct another.
i tend to write best in a sort of disordered way- spit out the content, have it make sense later.

i'm trying for the most dramatic-without-being-laughable title for my paper on the special collections thefts at a public library in maine.
the one i'm working with right now is Unshelving heritage: from the public to the vault.
before that, i had When razors attack: a public horror!
but it's' not quite as intense or bloody as all that. and this isn't a lifetime movie.
this is actually a pretty interesting paper to write. it reminds me of when i was a journalism major for 3/4 of a year.

i just wish i wasn't so tired.
but: vacation starts tomorrow!
i cleared off my desk at work this afternoon, as they are installing shelving in our current office. it was impossible to get this song out of my head:


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

eight pages in.

me:  i feel like i have to make a title page in comic sans for this thing

Robyn:  with clip arts!

me:  yeah, 8-bit pictures of file folders.
me:  and dust

Robyn:  and like, a giant silverfish monster. that you're fighting with a sword
Robyn: actually, turn in a comic book about that instead

Robyn I'd watch the hell out of that (now it's a tv show)

day three hundred forty-four.

 wednesday, to and fro


white snow can't jump.

ps- writing papers is awesomeeeeeeeeee

day three hundred forty-three(-ish).

noyes laboratory, home to the chemistry library
which occasionally oozes pink goo from the walls?
i get to work there a little bit next semester.

main reference: the suggestions keep comin'

Sunday, December 12, 2010

en cuanto.

finals week:
like waiting to get punched in the face.


this weekend has not been pleasant.

day three hundred forty-one.

going to the store in a blizzard:
i regret nothing.

also, stress shelving: