Thursday, January 6, 2011

the end.

scheduling reflection feels a bit artificial.
but so is the internet, and things are coming full circle around here.
and i am always nostalgic as shit.

so here we go!

this blog has been, at times, decidedly impersonal.
it is at once a blog both about and not about my actual life.
often it has been quite useful for communicating information, or humor, or even emotion. i am well aware that in the past i have been difficult to draw out, could be unyielding in my ability to keep things quiet.
but this has been changing, and i welcome it.

it is why i want to tell stories, why i want to read and hear them from other people- my friends, my family, people on the bus, people i'll never even meet- because we all want the same things.
to know and be known, to ask questions and receive answers.

and so, i'll see you all tomorrow:

jc, 25 for today


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

day three hundred sixty-five.

some parts of this year were defined by weirdness and uncertainty.
but a lot of it was pretty great, and that is what i wish to remember most vividly.
here are 3 awesome things to come out of the year 25:

1. my job

for reasons both humorous and educational. i've learned a lot from working in children's lit, and enjoy all the people i work with very much. i don't know if this blog would have sustained itself quite so well without it. rock on, snazzy literature.

2. i got a tattoo in may

i wondered if i might get sick of seeing it every day, but it has just become another part of my body. a part that i like a lot.

3. DC

interning for the summer with the department of transportation was a great opportunity to live and work in one amazing city. it was my first time living outside of illinois and made me want to never ever return to my home state (not completely, but DC is cool, guys). i cataloged stuff about concrete, saw crash tests, went to incredible museums, made friends with cool library people, ate a lot of great vegan food, and had a fun visit with my sister beth.

it is also where i met the inimitable intern jeremy.
so we'll make that 4 awesome things.


tomorrow: the end of twenty-five.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

day three hundred sixty-four.

Weight, 1990

i visited krannert art museum this afternoon to catch a few exhibits before their closing this weekend.
while i couldn't take any pictures inside, i did make a stop in a particular bathroom on the way out for reasons both practical and curious.

KAM is connected to the art & design building, wherein emotional undergraduate painting majors often get contemplative in the stalls, fully equipped with writing implements.

you might remember this image, from way way back on day seventeen:

well it's still there, albeit with a few adjustments:

and some more:


Monday, January 3, 2011

day three hundred sixty-three.

friendly faces from a twenty-fifth year
(click to embiggen)

(i like you guys)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

day three hundred sixty-two.

sunday travel scenes

 (light rail)


(you are here)

(hail decatur, rest stops)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

day three hundred sixty-one.

i spent my new year's eve with a grape juice toast, fresh bread, and the sounds of fireworks.
happy 1/1/11, ya'll.