Thursday, January 6, 2011

the end.

scheduling reflection feels a bit artificial.
but so is the internet, and things are coming full circle around here.
and i am always nostalgic as shit.

so here we go!

this blog has been, at times, decidedly impersonal.
it is at once a blog both about and not about my actual life.
often it has been quite useful for communicating information, or humor, or even emotion. i am well aware that in the past i have been difficult to draw out, could be unyielding in my ability to keep things quiet.
but this has been changing, and i welcome it.

it is why i want to tell stories, why i want to read and hear them from other people- my friends, my family, people on the bus, people i'll never even meet- because we all want the same things.
to know and be known, to ask questions and receive answers.

and so, i'll see you all tomorrow:

jc, 25 for today