Wednesday, January 5, 2011

day three hundred sixty-five.

some parts of this year were defined by weirdness and uncertainty.
but a lot of it was pretty great, and that is what i wish to remember most vividly.
here are 3 awesome things to come out of the year 25:

1. my job

for reasons both humorous and educational. i've learned a lot from working in children's lit, and enjoy all the people i work with very much. i don't know if this blog would have sustained itself quite so well without it. rock on, snazzy literature.

2. i got a tattoo in may

i wondered if i might get sick of seeing it every day, but it has just become another part of my body. a part that i like a lot.

3. DC

interning for the summer with the department of transportation was a great opportunity to live and work in one amazing city. it was my first time living outside of illinois and made me want to never ever return to my home state (not completely, but DC is cool, guys). i cataloged stuff about concrete, saw crash tests, went to incredible museums, made friends with cool library people, ate a lot of great vegan food, and had a fun visit with my sister beth.

it is also where i met the inimitable intern jeremy.
so we'll make that 4 awesome things.


tomorrow: the end of twenty-five.

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  1. I would like to say that your job providing posts on this blog was definitely an awesome part of my year... despite my tag cloud suggestions being ignored. ;)